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Map W.I.P / Buy Cheap Replica MCT S200 BLUE RD45 S200 AB BLUE replica watch Review
« Last post by babyqi on October 15, 2018, 03:06:01 AM »

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Buy Cheap Replica MCT S200 BLUE RD45 S200 AB BLUE replica watch Review

Case Material: White gold DLC
Brand Name: MCT Watches
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44.60mm
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Band Material Type: Alligator
Case Thickness: 14.50mm
Model Number: RD45 S200 AB BLUE
Functions: Hours, Minutes

replica Rebellion Twenty-one GMT watch price It is sensible enough to grasp that if you have the mechanical appreciation for one, your brain wiring is more conducive to the other. Both are hand-built performance machines, and both are products of awe-inspiringly complex and precise engineering.

Even looking beyond design and construction, as a timekeeping device, the wristwatch played an integral role in early motor racing. Then, there is the emotional side. Both appeal to the ego of high performance and human achievements.My decade in independent fine watchmaking has magnified the overlap of these two universes. It is widely believed that collectors of one tend to be admirers of the other. It is one of the most recurring themes in marketing and publicity. So I often mingle at supercar shows and launches.

Recently at the private reception for the debut of Aventador SVJ at Salon Privé, I had an insightful exchange with the Lamborghini product marketing team. While in awe with the extraordinary engineering and design feat in creating such a beast, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel with fine watch craftsmanship. Yet somehow, the former would sound much sexier and more exciting than the latter.

One would find neither a trace of watches on the aforementioned car makes’ websites, nor a shout in their content. I have diligently mined Instagram interactions from its infancy (IG is an incredible tool for marketing insights if you know what to look for!). Interestingly, there is a small portion of car guys who are into watches. But there is no inverse logic to the opposite the most popular posts are actually cars and not watches. This 10 piece limited edition version from MCT’s Sequential Two - S200 line features on its black dial the American flag at 12 o’clock and the American Eagle insignia on the minute jumping disc. Proudly featuring the brand’s signature sequential indication of the hour on prisms, this watch in titanium houses a mechanical micro-rotor movement, developed and assembled by MCT.This new limited edition timepiece from MCT Sequential Two S200 line highlights Oman’s national emblem, which is an insignia consisting of a khanjar (a traditional dagger) inside its sheath that is superimposed upon two crossed swords, and the national flag. swiss replica Bomberg skull Watches

Best replica Graham Chronofighter Oversize watches The black dial with black indexes and numerals features Oman national flag at 12’o clock, the national emblem at the centre, prism display for hours and a central minute hand. Dressed in a titanium case, the watch houses a mechanical micro-rotor movement. This special Oman watch from MCT comes in a limited edition of 10 pieces.Highlighting a red star at the centre of the dial, this new limited edition model from the Sequential Two S200 line houses a mechanical micro-rotor movement developed and assembled by MCT watches. Matching the red star motif, the black dial of the watch boasts red indexes and numerals and red minute hand. Like all creations from the line, this model displays sequential indication of the hour on prisms.

Dressed in a titanium case, the Sequential Two S200 Red Star watch is available in a limited edition of 10 pieces.Like a playful, off-beat pirate’s flag, the skull takes pride of place at the centre of this model, framed by a cushion-shaped case. Meticulously carved out of ultra-thin aluminium, the skull remains light enough to accompany the hour-change ballet, successively revealing one of the brand’s four iconic rotating modules. As a static counterpoint to this revolving skull, the crossed bridge arms subtly evoke the crossbones inseparably associated with this universal symbol.

Sale replica Corum bubble skeleton watches The Sequential One - S110 Skull is available in four versions: yellow, green or aluminium colour accents enliven the skull, the crossed bridges, the hands and the hour-markers, as well as the strap on the three first variations. The all-black interpretation features an all-embracing Super-LumiNova treatment on the skull and hour-markers: a first for MCT Watches.Created to mark the tenth anniversary of MCT watches, the Dōdekal One D110 mechanical watch features an innovative digital hours display in the centre of the dial.Drawing inspiration from 1970s electronic watches, the Dōdekal One is driven by a new Manufacture movement, Calibre D1. The watch houses complex set of cams and carriages to display the hours in the forms of segments in the dial centre, placing this model in a whole new dimension.

The hours transition is effected by the translational motion of the segments over 2.5 seconds, offering an original and magical sight, while the minutes are displayed by a flying hand. A regulating organ serves to enable optimal management of the energy required for these animations, while ensuring a 50-hour power reserve for the self-winding movement, driven by a gold micro-rotor.

An innovative surface treatment has enabled the teams at MCT Watches to stabilise the oxidation of bronze, thereby ensuring that the patina of the Sequential Two - S220 Bronze is equipped to withstand the test of time, both on land and at sea.The black dial background that is also picked up on the crown effectively highlights the bronze and silver tones of the time read-off elements, thereby ensuring an optimally user friendly display. Fitted with a patinated calfskin strap, the Sequential Two - S220 Bronze is an exceptional timepiece endowed with a perfect blend of modernity and timeless charm.

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Map W.I.P / Project CSGO Cache
« Last post by gustoman on July 26, 2018, 01:19:00 AM »
As you know I am creator of Salaj_Dust2 and I am still working on huge update for Dust2. Right now I am working on few projects in the same time so videos for project Cache may not be that often because I want to finish Dust2 and WWE first.
For this project I can show you CT spwan. This is gonna be new map for COD WAW Custom Zombies. Everything that you see in the video is just "BETA" some things may be changed, removed or added.
I will upload new video when new area will be finished and I will show you more. Feel free subscribe and never missed new updates.

Small | Large

Map W.I.P / Salaj WWE Custom Zombies | Teaser Trailer
« Last post by gustoman on July 26, 2018, 01:09:48 AM »
WWE map is in progress and layout is pretty much done. This project is paused for some reasons but we will continue working on it soon. For now I just want to show you some teaser and some pictures. 

Small | Large

COD 4 Zombies is the most fun I've ever had in a COD game. That stuff was super fun!
Tool Support / Re: MW2 not working with Lemon
« Last post by dfererer9 on July 05, 2018, 11:08:54 AM »
This is an effective approach of obtaining the older versions of game files, but after replacing the executable file with its older version, it seems that Steam does not recognize it. Especially multiplayer.
For BO1 and BO2, when executing the game, Steam always replaces the file with the latest version, for MW2, the game just doesn't run.
I haven't tried singleplayer, maybe this approach will work with singleplayer when Steam is switched to offline mode.
Tool Support / Re: MW2 not working with Lemon
« Last post by FzBr.d4rk on July 05, 2018, 01:06:27 AM »
I discovered that it is possible to download the old versions of the games in steam, just follow the guide below and download the compatible version:
PC Gallery / Can't open existing gallery
« Last post by jackneeson on July 04, 2018, 03:11:52 PM »

A new gallery was created and posted to our website (works great). I want to add new photos or adjust the preset on that gallery so click Open Gallery - the Select Gallery Folder window opens. I navigate to the folder (not subfolder) where the gallery is and I can see the config.xml file in the main gallery folder. I click Open and I'm back to the starting screen that says To get started... New Gallery button Open Gallery button; nothing happens - no loading of gallery, no error message. I created a brand new test gallery (in case there was something strange about the other one) and saved to my desktop and the result is the same. Doesn't open and no error message. I considered that the files that were uploaded to our website were locked and unlocked them all but still nothing. I hate to ask the same question, but I can't figure out what's wrong and it seems to be a fairly common issue as I have seen the same response over and over about making sure you just click the folder and that it has the config.xml file in the main folder.

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Thank you.
PC Gallery / Stills in gallery have lost all nodes
« Last post by jackneeson on July 04, 2018, 03:10:25 PM »

I have grabbed a number of stills in Resolve 14b6 and it works as expected, but when I shut down and come back the next day all the nodes in the still have gone and the preview image has turned black. Has anyone else experienced this and knows of a fix?

Any help will be apprecited.

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General Discussion / Problema Routing Vehicle
« Last post by jackneeson on July 04, 2018, 03:07:47 PM »

I Am performing a simulation which consists of a mesh of nodes with some groove at some points in my mesh, additionally in other parts of the mesh are some SINK. the idea is to SOURCE generate entities and the Vehicle take this entities and transported to the SINK. I configureted a transportation list in the output node of my SOURCE whit my Vehicle, the problem is when the Vehicle go to the source and take the entities to bring them to SINK, to arrive at first node the entities takes a different route to the vehicle. How I can do for entities vehicle do not fall out until the SINK?. Someone will have any example in SIMIO rounting problem? Someone have an example where an entity transport vehicle at a distance greater than 2 nodes. I'm new occupying the softwaredo not know if some process is needed for what I'm doing.

Any help will be apprecited.

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General Discussion / switching cars??
« Last post by jackneeson on July 04, 2018, 03:05:36 PM »

If I wanted to use my intune on another car of mine, are there any special things to do before I do so? Will the intune hold my stock tune for my dodge magnum and multiple vehicles or do I need to return it to stock before trying it in another car (which would completely defeat the purpose)? Is there a way to save/copy my stock tune onto my pc and then try the intune on another car?  I know you guys say it can be used on multiple vehicles which is why I ask.

Any help will be apprecited.

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